Voice Massage therapy Treatment of mastication Osteopathy

Marjo Sirén


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Welcome to a professional Voice Massage, osteopathic or mastication area treatment!

My work space is located only a couple of blocks away from the Kamppi Shopping Centre at Annankatu 25 (Hopeatalo).


Every client and every treatment  I do is equally important to me. You can enjoy the treatment talking or in silence. Come as you are. I will plan with you a treatment that suits you the best.

Corona virus or other cold symptoms:

If you have any symptoms you can always check with me if its ok to come to a treatment or would it be better to postpone the treatment.

Marjo Sirén, Osteopatiakeskus ILO, Annankatu 25, 5. krs, 00100 Helsinki, puh. 050 569 6398,                  Itä-Helsingin Osteopatia, Kastelholmantie 4 A 33, 9. krs, 00900 Helsinki

My other office is located in Eastern Helsinki in Puotinharju only a short distance away from the Itis Shopping Centre. More info: www.itahelsinginosteopatia.fi.