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Marjo Sirén


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I am a licensed massage therapist for sports and classical massage. I graduated from the Sports Massage Institute of Finland in Helsinki in 2003.

I studied to be a Voice Massage therapist under the guidance of the innovator and developer of the method in Kuopio in 2005.

I have also completed NLP Practitioner (2012) and NLP Master Practitioner courses (2013).

In May 2018 I graduated from a 4-year osteopathy program of classical osteopathy from Osteopathy school Atlas. The following areas of osteopathy, among others, were included in my studies: Acute and chronic states, osteopathy during pregnancy, childrens’ osteopathy, articulation techniques, soft tissue techniques, manipulation techniques, cranial osteopathy, visceral osteopathy, fascial techniques, counterstrain techniques, Body adjustment, Chapman’s reflex points, Still technique, osteopathic examination and neurological testing.

Post-graduate courses:

- Business economics, Institute of Marketing, Helsinki, 3/2016

- Cranial Osteopathy, Mastication, Lasse  Maijala, Helsinki, 12/2017

- LMT, Laryngeal Manual Treatment, Kirsi Vaalio, Helsinki, 03/2018

- Updating education by Steve Paulus, DO, MS, Aulanko, 4/2018

- ROA1, The Rule of The Artery, Anthony Norrie & Michael Solano, Espoo, 6/18

- Body Adjustment with additions, Juha Murtovaara, Kuusamo, 10/18

- Visceral osteo-articular connections and treatment, Jean-Pierre Barral, Helsinki, 11/18

- Cranial Osteopathy, Trauma, Lasse Maijala, Helsinki, 12/2018

- Osteopathy in the Cranial Field, M2, SCCO, London, 03/19

- Modern pain science and biopsychosocial approach in osteopathy, Professor Jorge Esteves, PhD, MA, BSc (Ost), DO, Aulanko, 3/19

- Evolutionary Physiologia 1/6, Max Girardin, D.O., Vilppula 5/19

- Trauma release, Juha Murtovaara, Kuusamo, 6/19

- Evolutionary Physiologia 2/6, Max Girardin, D.O., Vilppula 10/19

- Biodynamic Osteopathy phase 1, Christian Sullivan D.O., Hauho 10/19

- Living Breathing Bone, M6, SCCO, Stroud, 11/19

- Cranial Nerves, Markku Torvinen & Matti Mikkilä, Helsinki, 02/20

- Biodynamic Osteopathy phase 2, Christian Sullivan D.O., Hauho 10/20

- Neurological rehabilitation 1, Pekka Kumpulainen, Espoo, 5/21

- Neurological rehabilitation 2, Pekka Kumpulainen, Espoo, 9/21

- Evolutionary Physiologia 3/6, Max Girardin, D.O., Zoom, 10/21

- Biodynamic Osteopathy phase 3, Christian Sullivan D.O., Hauho 10/21

- Women’s Health and Pregnancy - an Osteo Approach, Renzo Molinari, Haikko, 4/22

- Evolutionary Physiologia 4/6, Max Girardin, D.O., Zoom, 6/22

- Biodynamic Osteopathy phase 4, Christian Sullivan D.O., Hauho 10/22

- Evolutionary Physiologia 5/6, Max Girardin, D.O., Zoom, 11/22

- Embryology 1/4, Jean-Paul Höppner, D.O., Tuusula, 2/23

- Evolutionary Physiologia 6/6, Max Girardin, D.O., Zoom, 4/23

- Embryology 2/4, Jean-Paul Höppner, D.O., Tuusula, 8/23

- Biodynamic Osteopathy phase 5, Christian Sullivan D.O., Porvoo 9/23

When you are looking for a therapist I recommend that you make sure she/he is registered in Valvira’s register for protected occupational titles. Only therapists in that register are entitled to a patient’s indemnity insurance.

Marjo Sirén, Osteopatiakeskus ILO, Annankatu 25, 5. krs, 00100 Helsinki, puh. 050 569 6398,                  Itä-Helsingin Osteopatia, Kastelholmantie 4 A 33, 9. krs, 00900 Helsinki