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Osteopathy is a healthcare profession that treats the body as a whole. That is because the symptom and its cause are often in a different place. Treatments are done manually and different techniques and principles of treatment are used to make the body work better, for example making room for the bloodflow and nerves to work better and the joints to move more freely. Because a human being is an entity, in osteopathy the goal is to get a picture of the whole situation. In that way the problem can be faced as widely as possible.

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Voice Massage is a massage treatment that facilitates all muscle groups related to breathing and voice production by means of classical massage strokes. Its aim is to relieve tension in the muscles so that proper posture, flexibility, especially in the area of the rib cage and diaphragm, and overall relaxation will return. Breathing exercises and stretching may be used in addition.
This release of tension in body and mind is the prerequisite for balanced voice production.

The muscles that are related to voice production are in the middle and upper part of the body, the chest, the neck, the face and the head. Also the respiratory muscles are treated. Masticators as well as the tongue muscles are treated as needed. Massage strokes are carefully applied in the area in question.

Voice Massage therapy is an appropriate massage therapy for e.g. the following:

   - to aid methods of general relaxation
   - to prevent malfunction in voice production in everyone who use their voice in their profession e.g. singers, teachers, politicians
   - to support voice production and speech and voice therapy
   - to help solve wind instrument players’ breathing and lip positioning problems
   - to release tension and pain in the muscles of mastication
   - to support reflux treatment by releasing tension in external throat muscles and the diaphragm
   - to increase the efficiency of breathing, especially for e.g. asthmatics
   - to allow easier breathing, swallowing and speaking for patients with ALS or Parkinson’s disease
   - to relax muscle tension (e.g. computer users)
   - to improve breathing function in athletes

One session takes 60 - 75 minutes, usually 1 - 5 sessions are needed.
However, in some cases of very established voice and breathing problems or exhaustion, more sessions may be required. As a prevention of problems a regular treament, for example once a month, can work well.

Voice Massage is performed only by
trained Voice Massage -massage therapists.
It is not physiotherapy, speech therapy or an alternative therapy nor is it invasive. No equipment or heating is used.

Voice Massage Therapy was developed by Ms Leena Koskinen, a massage therapist from Finland, in collaboration with medical and voice specialists, and has been in use since the 1980's.

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The stress of the hectic life of today and for example past traumas cause many people to grind their teeth during the night and also in the daytime. The treatment of the mastication area reliefs the tension around the jaw and neck helping with headaches, and other disturbing symptoms caused by tight jaws, for example aching teeth, ears and face, tinnitus, dizziness, noisy jaw joints, pain in the neck and shoulder area, feeling of lump in the throat, shortness of breath, numbness of the hands and/or arms and voice problems. Because the body works as an entity and the cause of a problem is often somewhere else than the symptom, the area of treatment is mostly wider than just the jaw and neck area.

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